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If you are new to the workout experience getting a personal trainer & fitness expert is a good idea. At Lion Fit we offer 2 free sessions on signup to help you get comfortable with all the exercise machines, as well as how more in depth sessions will help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training Results

How often have you set new workout goals for yourself only to lose interest in a few…

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The LionFit Difference

As your personal trainer, I care about your success and overall wellbeing. Every hour you spend with…

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LionFit Nutrition

Whether it is resistance training, cardio or working on flexibility proper diet and nutrients are essential for…

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We are there to advise you while you are lifting, balancing, and bending. All of us have places we like to work on, and we can tell you how to optimize each session to target various muscles, but also to make a custom plan so you are prepared and can anticipate each work out.

When you work out, observing yourself helps you ensure that with trainer help you can see improvements in the routine and over a short period see real results within the context of your exercise and nutrition regime . We are there to improve & tweak it at every session

We push you to be LION fit so whenever you think you cannot go anymore, you will be surprised at what your body really can do! Whether it’s 10 more crunches or to hold a exercise position for another minute. Our experience and monitoring means you are all the better for it, and many clients are surprised at what they really can achieve with the right fitness coach

Particularly when happy hour is tempting you. It is considerably more difficult to justify blowing off a session with an individual trainer. We will constantly have a fresh work out to keep your interest and motivation high. That’s how to get the results you seek & the fact that another person is keeping an eye your exercise program means you will see results FASTER

Who likes to see you at your worst that is disheveled more than your trainer? All these huffs, puffs and faces that are sweaty simply tell us we are doing our jobs properly Call before the end of …. and get 2 sessions FREE.


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